Energetic girls on stage
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Energetic girls

In New Zealand, there is a group of artistic gymnasts levelled 2-8. Featuring...: Emily Molaria, Grace Rodric-Jones, Alex Clark, Emilia Rilenia, Sophia Niahos, Milly Horn, Genevieve Sheumack, Kristie Bell, Lola Narev-Sunner, Tara Koni and Jemima Elliot.

In the first image there is: Genevieve Sheumack, Alex Clark, Emilia Rilenia, Kristie Bell, Jemima Elliot and Sophia Niahos.

In the second image there is: Emily Molaria, Grace Rodric-Jones, Emilia Rilenia, Tara Koni, Sophia Niahos, Kristie Bell, Alex Clark, Jemima Elliot, Lola Narev Sunner and Milly Horn.

In the third image there is: Emilia Rilenia, Kristie Bell, Grace Rodric-Jones and Alex Clark.

Our top 4 gymnasts: Emilia Rilenia, Sophia Niahos, Genevieve Sheumack and Kristie Bell.

People with medical conditions: Emilia Rilenia (Anaphylaxis), Sophia Niahos (Asthma) and Genevieve Sheumack (Anaphylaxis)

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