About meEdit

Well, it looks like I've adopted another wiki. I am now an administrator, so if you need help, you can ask me.

Not a gymnast. A fan.

My favorite pagesEdit

This is the kind of thing I hope to see other people write:

Types of gymnastics that need pages:

  • Men's
  • Rhythmic
  • Trampoline and tumbling
  • Acrobatic
  • Aerobic - I know nothing about this.

Skill-related pages I intend to write sometime in the next year:

  • All vaults with round-off entry
  • Uneven bars mounts
  • UB dismounts
  • UB bar changes
  • Circles at least on uneven bars if not on high bar or even parallel bars and rings if they're similar.
  • Release moves on uneven and high bar
  • Front tumbling - women's floor, men's floor, trampoline, tumbling (it's in the code of points!) and beam
  • Back tumbling - same; back handspring will lose its page
  • Turns - floor, beam, rhythmic
  • Jumps and leaps - floor, beam, rhythmic
  • Beam mounts
  • Beam dismounts
  • Beam-specific moves
  • Rolls and walkovers - floor, beam
  • Flexibility skills in rhythmic
  • Balance skills in rhythmic

Jargon we should do pages on:

  • Flight
  • Acro
  • Full, full-in, full-out
  • Optional/Voluntary and Compulsory


  • Code of Points
  • Developmental programs in various countries
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